Friday 20 May 2022

News | Kim Cattrall Reps Ole Henriksen

In a truly genius move, Ole Henriksen has announced Kim Cattrall as the new face of its first-ever body care collection, Touch.

Touch, which launched just last week, is designed to really benefit the body. It brings active ingredients, typically reserved for the face, into its body care for maximum results. As Cattrall explains, “Face-worthy skincare for your body. I wouldn’t trust this body to anyone but Ole Henriksen because experience matters.”

When talking to InStyle about this new collaboration, Kim Cattrall explained, "Ole Henriksen is so respected, not just by its customers, but within the industry,". She continues, "Ole has been around for ages and has a sterling reputation, and I've been around for a long time and have a strong reputation as well. I just felt that it was a really good brand, I wanted to be in business with them."

Touch is available from Boots and, and the two products in the collection include:

BeamCream Smoothing Body Moisturizer - packed with glycolic and lactic acids, caffeine and essential fatty acids, this ultra-nourishing body cream plumps skin with hydration and exfoliates to visibly reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, whilst strengthening the skin barrier. £32 | 190ml.

Firmly Yours Dry Body Oil - this lightweight dry body oil instantly hydrates the skin and locks in essential moisture. Packed with nourishing Scandinavian botanical oils, peptides, and sweet white lupin, it renews and revives dry, dull, and stressed skin, promoting a healthy-looking, luminous glow. £36 | 100ml.

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