Saturday 14 May 2022

Review | ModiBodi Period Proof Underwear

If I had to tell you my favourite product innovation in recent years, I would probably say it's the humble period pant. I've tried several different brands but recently got my hands on Modibodi, the original period and leak proof underwear brand...

Modibodi's reusable leak-proof apparel is made with naturally antimicrobial and anti-odour material, and fitted with a super slim patented absorbent lining to stop periods, discharge, and bladder leaks. There are six absorbency options available, catering for each type of flow:

  • Moisture Wicking - absorbs sweat and discharge
  • Super Light - absorbs 5ml (1 regular tampon)
  • Light-Moderate - absorbs 10ml (2 regular tampons)
  • Moderate-Heavy - absorbs 15ml (2-3 regular tampons)
  • Heavy-Overnight- absorbs 20ml (3-4 regular tampons)
  • Maxi-24Hrs - absorbs 50ml (10 regular tampons)

Modibodi has a huge range of different styles and designs - from the PUMA x Modibodi Active Thong and Marble Black Classic Boyshort, to the Classic Full Brief in Tahiti Green. So don't be fooled by thinking this brand is basic and boring - Modibodi underwear is gorgeous and fun... anything from frumpy!

To ensure protection in a variety of different scenarios, the brand offers a gorgeous Active edit and Swimwear collection. There is also a maternity and postpartum collection that includes nursing bras and camis. And Modibodi doesn't just cater for women - there is a range for men, teens, and babies. 

I tested two different styles and absorbencies - the Classic Bikini with light-moderate absorbency and the Classic Full Brief with heavy-overnight absorbency. I love both pairs - they keep periods as clean as possible and make them much easier to manage. The material is super soft and high quality, making the briefs incredibly comfortable to wear - essential during period bloat and general uncomfortableness! Most importantly, both briefs do a perfect job at absorbing blood with absolutely no leaks, even throughout nights when my flow is at its fullest.

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