Sunday 20 February 2022

Baby | Introducing Baby Boosa

Baby Boosa is a sustainable baby brand that successfully blends style with practicality. 

The brand was born out of a mum and dad's need to create a bib that their baby couldn't pull off. This sounds easy, of course, but it really isn't. These babies may seem innocent but their craftiness knows no bounds and I too know the struggle of keeping these food catchers secure. 

Baby Boosa launched with bibs, however it now has a collection of useful and fun products for parents to appreciate and babies to enjoy. The brand has created a variety of weaning products, from bowls and spoons, to bibs, plates, and snack pots. The brand also has some fab toy blocks, which is hopefully the start of a wider toy collection. Every product is made using food grade silicone and they are all non-toxic BPA free and hypoallergenic. Products are also packaged in special re-usable storage bags to avoid single use plastic packaging. These re-usable storage bags come in really handy for storing everyday baby bits. We use one for storing cutlery and plates on the go, and the other for housing Ezra's favourite travel toys. 

Baby Boosa also regularly create special expert guides for parents. Impressive, huh? These guides - that focus on various aspects of parenting - are designed in collaboration with experts to offer simple but essential tips that most parents will appreciate - we certainly do! 

We trialed two Baby Boosa products - a Bowl & Spoon Set and the Cutie Cubes Learning Blocks. 

The Bowl & Spoon Set (£12.95 is one of the handiest weaning products we've used. Thanks to its suction cup base, the bowl stayed put on Ezra's tray without any issues. We've found other brand's suction bowls have a tendency to pull away from the tray easily, so this was a real winner for us. It also comes with a handy lid, enabling us to cover any uneaten meals for storing in the fridge. As for the spoon, it is pretty basic in the way spoons are, however we found it held the perfect mouthful and is lovely and soft to the touch.

The Cutie Cubes set (£19.95 is made up of 12 soft velvety educational building blocks that come in an assortment of adorable pastel colours. On the sides of each block are numbers, fruits, and animals, as well as puzzle-style shapes that slot together to create block towers! The blocks are perfect for use indoors and out. Ezra even played with them during bathtime! He was a huge fan of the Cutie Cubes and reaches for them whenever we pop him down on his playmat. Thanks to their soft texture and bumpy ridges, the Cutie Cubes make for the perfect teething toys.

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