Tuesday 2 June 2020

Summer-Ready Feet with Margaret Dabbs London


Summer is here and the sandals are out, which isn’t the best look if - like me - your feet are hobbit-like. My feet have been in need of some serious TLC for some time. So, to get them summer-ready I looked to the ultimate foot care brand, Margaret Dabbs London...

Margaret Dabbs London is a globally renowned brand specialising in results-driven feet, hands, and leg products, as well as treatments for both men and women. In addition to their product range, Margaret Dabbs London has nine clinics across the UK, as well as four outside of the UK (in Coruña, Barcelona, Dubai and Doha).

Margaret Dabbs London offers a huge range of products for the feet, legs, hands, and nails, but I'm here to share some of my foot favourites…

First up is the Reviving Foot Soak, a foot bath essential. It is formulated with buriti oil and turmeric oil. Buriti oil reduces inflammation and soothes dry, cracked, and sore skin, while turmeric oil helps to treat, protect, and detox the skin.


I had low expectations before using this product – mainly because I’ve never experienced a foot soak that offers any real benefits to the feet - but boy was I wrong. The first time I used it, I stepped out of my foot bath with the softest, most hydrated feet. They were in the most perfect condition for a quick and hassle free pedi. The cuticles and nails were so soft, that clipping, filing, and cuticle pushing was a walk in the park.

My next Margaret Dabbs London favourite is the Exfoliating Foot Mousse (£20 100ml), a product designed to remove dead skin cells and nourish feet at the same time. Its texture is to-die-for – a creamy whipped exfoliator that feels so good on the skin. Its key ingredients are ground tea tree leaf and pumice granules, which remove the build-up of dead skin, and emu oil, which hydrates and conditions the skin. When applying this product, a surprisingly small amount of product is needed – I just use a grape size amount for both feet. It is also abrasive enough to make good on its promise, but gentle enough to not deliver an uncomfortable scrubbing experience! I wish MMargaret Dabbs London made one for the face and body!


I also love the Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (£25 200ml). This award-winner contains two of the brand’s hero ingredients, Emu Oil and Lemon Myrtle, that hydrate the skin, revive tired feet, repair cracks, and reduce hard skin build up. It is a rich lotion that feels lightweight on the skin and absorbs fully without leaving any greasiness behind. It also has a gorgeous citrus scent which makes the feet feel even fresher!

My final brand favourite is the Crystal Nail File (£12) which I actually use for both my toenails and fingernails. This is, hands down, the best nail file I have ever used on natural nails, so it’s no surprise it’s a repeated award winner. It smooths off a nail in just one stroke and re-shapes a nail in only a few more - making life easy for those that don't have the kind of flexibility needed for a half decent at-home pedi!!

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