Monday 20 April 2020

New Brand Alert | TRUE Skincare


TRUE Skincare is a new British skincare brand born out of a desire to create a beauty range that ticks every beauty buyer's box. And, surprisingly, it does just that...

True Skincare has successfully created a collection that is natural and organic, effective, ethical, vegan, cruelty free, affordable, and beautiful to look at.

As founder Emma Thornton explains, "I made it my mission to create a skincare brand for you. Something where no compromise is made. We've gone above and beyond to make certified organic, 100% natural, efficacious products in beautiful and sustainable packaging, but we've made a conscious decision to reduce our margins to make it accessible to all".

True Skincare products are manufactured on the British coast and the brand takes its design inspiration from the elements of nature. All products contain high-quality natural and organic ingredients that treat skin by utilising the healing power of plants. Interestingly, products are produced with oil-based and dry formulations - minimising water wastage and the need for artificial preservatives.

At present, the True Skincare range contains a product for every step of a skincare routine, bar face cream. There are three facial oils, as well as a cleanser, mask, and exfoliator. There are also gorgeous sets that can be used as gifts or trials of the brand, if you want to try a more TRUE products without committing to the full size price. Some of the sets even include beautiful skincare tools, such as a Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Gua Sha stone.

Standout products include the Nourishing Avocado & Evening Primrose Facial Oil and Gentle Superfood Exfoliator. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, D & E, the Nourishing Avocado & Evening Primrose Facial Oil replenishes and nourishes the skin. It smells gorgeous, applies beautifully and feels nourishing but lightweight on the skin. The Gentle Superfood Exfoliator is a powder exfoliator that contains ground chia seeds, maca powder, kaolin, ground coffee, and ground oatmeal, to gently remove dead skin cells, draw out impurities, and stimulate collagen production to leave skin smooth, nourished, and glowing. Eucalyptus Oil is also included for its antiseptic and antibacterial benefits.

True Skincare prices range from £12.00 - £13.50, with sets ranging from £13.50 to £50.00. So when the brand claims to offer affordable skincare, it ain't lying.

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