Monday 3 February 2020

Review | Redken One United Leave-in Conditioner

The (newish) Redken One United Leave-in Conditioner takes multitasking haircare to a whole new level - it is a multi-beneficial treatment that works for every type of hair. Considered by some to be one of Redken's hero products, One United Leave-in Conditioner helps to replace many haircare essentials in your bathroom cabinet, as it carries an impressive 25 benefits...

- Conditions
- Nourishes
- Improves manageability
- Helps even porous hair
- Reduces dryness
- Detangles
- Instant results
- Ideal cutting lotion
- Primes hair for styling
- Helps prevent breaking from brushing
- Safe for colour-treated hair
- Helps prevent heat damage
- Helps prevent split ends
- Helps seal in hair cuticle
- Safe for ombre hair
- Helps shield vs. external aggressors
- Gives silky touch
- Adds smoothness
- Adds shine
- Helps control frizz
- Anti-static

Impressive huh? What's more impressive is that these benefits exist without compromising the leave-in conditioner's texture, application, or feel. It is invisible and lightweight, and dries without leaving a sticky, greasy, or crunchy residue behind. It also smells absolutely gorgeous.

The One United Leave-in Conditioner (£18.95 comes in a spray pump bottle that enables an even and quick application. And, as well as having many uses, it offers several application methods. The first is to apply it alone (after cleansing or in-between washes), the second is to apply it as a rinse-out treatment (as if it were a conditioner), the third is to apply it as a leave-in treatment (to be layered after cleansing) and the fourth is to use it as a styling product (either before or after styling the hair). I've been using it as a leave-in treatment for the past few weeks and I love it. As I have fine hair, I skip conditioner when I wash my hair (as it leaves my strands too limp and flyaway) and instead just shampoo my hair and apply the One United Leave-in Conditioner post shower. It keeps my hair glossy, healthy, and free of any issues! So much so that it's now become a staple in my hair washing routine.

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