Monday 27 January 2020

Pregnancy | Mama Mio Pregnancy Skincare Review

Throughout my pregnancy, I religiously used three Mama Mio products - The Tummy Rub Scrub, The Tummy Rub Butter, and The Tummy Rub Oil. I believe all three products helped to minimise the number and severity of stretch marks I received, so it was about time I wrote review.

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First up is The Tummy Rub Scrub (£18, a body exfoliator that is very gentle and not too abrasive. I usually prefer really gritty exfoliators, however for the purpose of stretch mark prevention, a mildly abrasive exfoliator is more beneficial as it can be used daily without causing damage to the skin. This scrub physically exfoliates with pumice and bamboo extract, as well as chemically exfoliates thanks to the inclusion of papaya extract. The Tummy Rub Scrub has the lovely Mama Mio trademark scent that appears in all of the brand's products. I personally love this scent, however, although not overwhelming, the scent is quite obvious and, for some who don't like scented products, may be too much to deal with. As for its texture, The Tummy Scrub has a rich, creamy, and mildly gritty consistency. It applies easily and feels lovely on the skin. It also rinses away perfectly, leaving skin cleansed, soft, and well nourished.


Next is The Tummy Rub Butter (£23.50 Jojo Mama Bébé), an super rich body moisturiser that is designed to increase skin elasticity to help reduce and protect against stretch marks. Its formula is packed full of some impressive ultra-moisturising ingredients, that include shea butter, organic avocado oil, organic sacha inchi oil, organic rosehip oil, and vitamin E. Because of this formulation, the Tummy Rub Butter unsurprisingly has a rich and creamy texture that feels luxurious on the skin. It applies well, gliding across the skin easily and leaving it feeling pampered and nourished almost instantly. It absorbs quickly enough that you don't have to wait too long to pop clothes on, but slowly enough that you can really massage it into the skin comfortably for a decent amount of time. In addition to helping prevent stretch marks, the Tummy Rub Butter keeps skin protected and free from dryness (another common occurrence during pregnancy).

The final - and personal favourite - product I used during pregnancy was The Tummy Rub Oil (£27 John Lewis). Like The Tummy Rub Butter, Mama Mio's best selling oil is formulated with organic sacha inchi oil, organic rosehip oil, vitamin E, and organic avocado oil. It is a lightweight oil that massages into the skin perfectly, keeping it hydrated, nourished, and protected. Although it is not a dry oil, it absorbs within a minute - great for gals like me that already don't have the time for daily massage, let alone time for skincare products to fully absorb. It leaves skin instantly soft and supple and provides the kind of hydration that leaves skin feeling nourished throughout the day.


Of all the Mama Mio pregnancy products available, I love The Tummy Rub Oil the most. I believe daily massage is the best defence against pregnancy stretch marks and this oil couldn't have been more perfect in assisting my daily massage routine. In fact, I love this oil so much, I still use it and will be doing so for a long time to come.

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