Monday 22 April 2019

Review: The Merchant of Venice Mystic Incense


Representing the Art of Perfumery of Venice, the The Merchant of Venice fragrance house draws attention to the everlasting role of the Italian city as an essential force in the perfumery tradition throughout the world.

The luxe fragrance house is behind some of the most unique perfumes ever created. Its new Mystic Incense is one of them...

Launched last month (in the UK), Mystic Incense (£120 Harvey Nichols) is an oriental vanilla fragrance designed to be worn by both men and women. Described as a "sophisticated interpretation of incense", the eau de parfum drew inspiration from the Muda di Siria - a route that connected Venice to the Lebanese Coast and Cyprus, for trading labdanum, liquid storax, Damask rose, balsamtree, saffron, and incense.

The scent is captured in a precious green and brown striped glass bottle, which pays homage to the historical traditions of Murano glass making.

Mystic Incense features top notes of salt, caramel, and dried fruits, heart notes of white woods and incense, and base notes of incense and cacao. The scent is beautifully unusual, like nothing I've smelt before. It's sweet, with enough masculinity to enable it to work seamlessly between the sexes. It has great projection and exceptionally impressive lasting power.

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