Sunday 20 January 2019

Review: Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

It was the top selling eye make-up remover on QVC and the best-selling Gatineau product of all time, until it disappeared from skincare shelves three years ago. However, after endless demand from loyal fans, Gatineau’s iconic Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover is back on the beauty scene.

Floracil (£32 QVC) effectively removes all traces of eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, without causing stinging, irritation or puffiness to the eye area. It has an oil-free formula that boasts the same pH as tears, making it the perfect sidekick for those with sensitive eyes, contacts lenses, eyelash extensions or hay fever. The formula is enriched with chamomile and cornflower to soothe the delicate eye area. Algae extract is also included to treat dark circles and stimulate micro-circulation.

Floracil also speeds-up and cleans-up your cleansing routine, thanks to its well-pump 400ml bottle that dispenses the product in one press of a cotton pad. To use it, I just saturate a cotton pad with product and press it against my closed eye for around 30 seconds. I then wipe the cotton pad away with one swipe and, poof!, like magic, all of my eye makeup disappears!

This really is an impressive eye makeup remover - it's super gentle on my eyes too!

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