Monday 3 December 2018

Christmas | What to Gift... The Book Worm

I've always considered a book to be the ultimate fool-proof Chirstmas gift. It doesn't matter who you're gifting, what age they are, what they do for a living, or what gets them going, you will always find a book about something they'll be interested in - whether it's fiction, non-fiction, a memoir or a travel guide. A few books have already popped up in my gift guides this year, however I wanted to save some of my favourites for this round up. So here is my gift guide for the book worm in your life...

First up is one for the photography lovers - it is the Annie Leibovitz at Work. Leibovitz is a world renowned photographer who has snapped some of the worlds most famous faces, past and present. In this book, she explains how her pictures are made. She discusses a series of photography subjects, including photojournalism, studio work, photographing dancers and athletes, working with writers, and making the transition from shooting with film to working with digital cameras.

It is the perfect book for photography students or those with a huge passion for the craft. Originally published in 2008, this revised and updated edition brings Leibovitz's bestselling book back into print. It is £39.95, available from Waterstones.

Next up is a great coffee table book for the language lovers, it is Speeches of Note: A celebration of the old, new and unspoken. Launched only a couple of months ago, this book is the creation of Shaun Usher, the author behind the international bestseller, Letters of Note. It is a collection of some of the world's greatest speeches, as well as those that still remain unspoken - including a secret draft prepared for Queen Elizabeth II during a military exercise for World War III. There are 75 extraordinary speeches in total - all of which would inspire the wordsmith in your life. It is £25, available from

Another fab coffee table book to gift this Christmas is London Uncovered by Author Mark Daly and Photographer Peter Dazely. This big book reveals sixty of the capital's most intriguing places that are not widely known. Peter Dazely has photographed museums of the unusual, places of worship, palaces of entertainment and some of the most historic and ornate shops, houses and hostelries in the city. The best thing about each of the sixty places is that they're all still accessible today, making this book even more perfect for those living in London. It is £30, available from

Moving on to the more traditional, a great novel worth gifting this year is from the famous Barbara Taylor Bradford. It is Master of His Fate, a historical saga focused around James Lionel Falconer, a man who spends his days working at his father’s market stall, determined to become a merchant prince. From a young age he was blessed with everything a self-made man should have: looks, ambition, charm, and self-confidence. James quickly rises through the ranks, proving himself both hardworking and trustworthy, and catching the eye of Henry Malvern, head of the most prestigious shipping company in London. But when threats against his reputation – and his life – begin to emerge, James will have to prove that he truly is the master of his fate.

It is a novel of scandal and romance, filled with drama, intrigue, and compelling characters. It is another can't-put-down classic from Barbara Taylor Bradford. It is £16.99, available from

The next novel on my list isn't for the faint-hearted. It is Kill 'Em All by John Niven, the sequel to the popular Kill Your Friends. It is 2017 - the time of Trump, Brexit and fake news. Steven Stelfox - the book's anti-hero - is now forty-seven and rich beyond words, only working occasionally as a music industry 'consultant'. He receives a call from his old friend James Trellick, president of one of the largest record companies in America. Trellick has a huge headache on his hands and he needs a certain type of fixer to get his problem resolved. Cue Stelfox stage right. Only he has the lack of morality to remove the issue. With stealth and cunning he begins to chart a road out of Trellick's nightmare, making him a killing in the process. Those who liked Kill Your Friends will love this book - another satirical action thriller you'll hate to put down. It is £16.99, available from

For those that like their stories short, I recommend Roar by Cecelia Ahern. It is a collection of thirty touching, often hilarious, stories that introduce us to thirty very different women. Each of which discovers their strength, realising they hold the power to make a change. In matters ranging from marriage and childrearing to politics and career, the heroines of these thought-provoking stories confront problems both mysterious and mundane. The tales are witty, tender, and surprising, and - more importantly - they speak to us all! It is £12.99, available from

Another great book for females is Being Beautiful by Helen Gordon. Being Beautiful is a collection of writings from philosophers and celebrities on what it means to be beautiful. Featuring enlightening passages and illustrations, this book explores what beauty should mean to us in the mordern world. It's not about how much highlighter we wear, or how many likes our selfies get on Instagram, but a whole host of other elements we probably never considered... and should. A perfect book for your bestie or even a young girl that needs to understand where beauty truly lies. It is £16, available from

My final favourite is Challenge Accepted, the first book from Instagram comedy sensation Celeste Barber. If you don't know Celeste, she is the woman who recreates popular celebrity images to show what they'd look like if they were created by normal women without staff, a production crew, and a sh*t load of money. Challenge Accepted is her hilarious and outspoken guide to life, where she shares her secrets to love, friendship, family, and marriage. It is an amazing, easy read that'll have you in stitches from start to finish. It is £16.99, available from

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