Wednesday 17 October 2018

Review: Carthusia Via Camerelle

If you're already sick of the cold and damp whether and need to picture yourself in a warmer, more Insta-worthy climate, your best option is to reach for Carthusia's Via Camerelle fragrance, and start spraying...

Via Camerelle is a scent for those that live for the sea and overdose on the natural scents of summer. The eau de parfum features top notes of bergamot, lemon, orange, and marjoram, heart notes of water lily, jasmine, and cyclamen, and base notes of cedarwood, sea musk, amber, and musk.

This scent carries a freshness like no other and it's projection is unparalleled, to the point where anyone passing it may find themselves transported to its namesake (one of Capri's most legendary streets). The only thing as impressive as its projection is its lasting power. This scent remains glued to my skin for around 10 hours after first application.

Via Camerelle is currently available in a beautiful 100ml bottle, for £80 at Liberty London.

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