Monday 1 January 2018

Fake It Till You Make It

Although life can bless you with some great physical attributes... it can also deprive you of others. As we all know, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh the fuck away. Luckily there are products and treatments out there that give us the chance to makeup and fakeup... and I'm not talking filters.

Let's start with hair. This may surprise you but most of the amazing hair floating around Hollywood is fake and either a result of hair extensions or wigs. Not only do they help perfect all hairstyles and give body to fine-haired bitches (like myself), wigs and extensions also give girls the chance to constantly switch up their look. They take you from blonde to brunette and from short to long in a matter of minutes and the quality of both wigs and extensions is now so good that even synthetic hair can pass as real... true story. Rather than investing in expensive extensions that are attached to the individual strands of your natural hair, look to clip-ins. They are waaaaaaay more affordable, easy to use, and give you the chance to enhance your look at a moment's notice.

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Hair Rehab London has a great selection of human hair clip-ins that start at £99.99. As for wigs, you could go hard and invest in a lace front wig, however I think half wigs - that cover just the back of the head - are more comfortable to wear and look the most natural. I recently invested in a synthetic half wig from Hair Rehab London and have become obsessed - it's quick to attach and remove and makes a real impact! The colour is perfect, the style always stays in place (even after brushing) annnnd it's only £39.99!!

Keeping up with extensions, fake eyelashes are amazing for fixing little to no eyelashes or helping add amazing definition to those that are already full and fabulous. The most common types of fake eyelashes are band lashes, individual lashes and lash extensions. When it comes to band lashes, brands don't do it much better than Ardell. The eyelash bands are so flexible that application (and hold power) is a dream and the brand has such a large and gorgeous range of lash options available that there is something for everyone.

As for adhesive, it doesn't get better than the Revlon Precision Latex Lash Adhesive - I have been using this for years and am convinced there is nothing better. It is easy (and clean) to apply, dries clear and keeps lashes firmly in place for a whole day.

Eyelash extensions are a great for those blessed with a bigger budget. They last longer than any found at a drug store and look more natural as they are attached to each individual lash (as opposed to the base of the lash line). If you're considering lash extensions I recommend NovaLash, a brand providing oil-proof and instantly waterproof eyelash extensions that are long-lasting. NovaLash is available at salons across the UK and you can find your nearest here.

One of the most common fakes girls pull is the suntan. Now not everyone wants to be Trump orange, however some of us do like a little glow and products have advanced so much that this is now possible and easy to achieve. There are several self tanners on the market, ranging from those that provide instant (wash off) tan, to those that gradually build up a tan each day the product is applied. Most girls opt for the classic self tanner that develops overnight (or 6+ hours), however I love me a gradual tanner. I find it harder to make noticeable mistakes with a gradual tanner and I also like that they prevent me from going overboard with the colour. My favourite gradual tanner is the St.Tropez Gradual Tan Lotion in Light Medium, as it looks natural, is long lasting and gives the least fake tan flaws. However to correct any bronzing mistakes (because girl you know they happen), I swear by the Moxi Tan Aid Exfoliating False Tan Wipes.

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The final favourite feature to fake is the lips. If you have very thin lips, I would recommend lip fillers as they will give you a perfectly plump pout that will last between four to six months. However be sure to visit a reputable clinic, like Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

If you're packing a little more padding in your pout but still want to give it more oomph, I recommend highlighting the bottom of your cupid's bow (along the 'm' shape of the lip) and/or gently over-drawing your lips with lip pencil.

You also can't go wrong with the famous Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss. One coat of this subtle pink gloss turns any pout 20% plumper! This gloss has been a Too Faced best seller for so many years that you have to trust it. Trust me!

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