Monday 25 September 2017

What's The Beau(tee)? | The Soap Co.

The Soap Co. is a beauty brand like no other. A company that employs those who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged.

Creating some of the most nourishing and beautifully scented soaps out of a traditional workshop in the Lake District, The Soap Co. provide a stable and friendly workplace that supports employees in building their skills, independence and confidence. Since its launch in 2015, the brand's mission has been to "provide a stepping stone into other employment for those who can achieve it, whilst providing a long-term job for those for whom this goal is less likely". The brand has done this successfully and I love them for it. Of course, there are a number of beauty brand's out there doing inspiring work for charities across the world, however this brand is truly helping others in every inch of its being.

Amazing mission aside, The Soap Co. products themselves are perfection. Whether it is one of the brand's soaps, hand washes or hand lotions, each product is handmade, contained in recyclable packaging and loaded with premium ingredients that really benefit the skin. They also smell incredible and even suit the opposite sex!

Products range from £7.00 to £12.00, making them more than affordable. However what's most important is that each time you buy a product from The Soap Co., you're helping create amazing opportunities for some amazing people.

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