Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Tuesday Tip: Cold Showers

Of all the beauty tips I know, one of the cheapest and most effective is blasting your body with cold water at the end of a warm shower...

There are a number of reasons why standing under cold water for 10 seconds at the end of your shower is good for you but the main one is circulation. When warm water hits you, it causes blood to rush towards your skin but when cold water hits you, it causes blood to flow towards your organs. So, showering in cold water immediately after having washed in warm water leads to active blood circulation throughout the body. This keeps hypertension at bay and helps prevent the emergence of varicose veins and the hardening of arteries. On the beauty front, better circulation stimulates collagen production, strengthens muscle memory and helps give your skin a gorgeous glow!

And, if you want to give your body an extra circulation boost in the shower, I would recommend investing in a hi-tech shower head! My favourite is the Orb Spa Vibra Soft Shower Head.

This beauty gadget contains innovative integrated SoftWater technology to help control dry skin and hair. Hard water contains high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium and the Orb Spa increases the stability of hard water, helping provide better lathering with soaps and improved cleaning abilities.

What's most interesting about the Orb Spa Shower Head (£128.00 ecocamel.com) is the battery-powered, 3-speed massager that detaches from the shower head for use on your body. The massager features vibrating soft touch bristles which massage, deeply cleanse and exfoliate the whole body, helping to stimulate your blood supply and increase your blood oxygen level. It is the perfect device for those with dry, flaky and irritated skin and the perfect product to go alongside your 10 second cold water blast!

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