Friday 8 April 2016

Getting Body Beautiful


When it comes to skincare, the face always gets the most attention. Us beauty-obsessed bitches apply hundreds of products throughout our lives to keep our faces looking as good as possible, however our bodies are never shown the same level of love. It may be because we consider the skin on our body as less sensitive, needy or prone to ageing, or we could simply care less because our body is not on show at all times. However we get the pleasure of seeing ourselves naked on a daily why aren't we doing all we can to keep every inch of our skin perfect!?

I started thinking more about this towards of the end of last year and decided to make a change in 2016. I told myself I would pay more attention to my body and give it the beauty boost it needs. I succeeded in my quest for the perfect bodycare routine, finding the right type of products that work for me...

Dealing with my body as a whole, I exfoliate - all over - once a week using a salt or sugar-loaded scrub. You’ll mainly see me reaching for the NEOM Great Day Body Scrub as it helps to remove dead skin cells and flaky skin perfectly and leaves my skin soft and well nourished. It also smells absolutely amazing, thanks to the inclusion of wild mint and mandarin. I moisturise my entire body daily using a spray-on oil as I like to move quickly in the mornings (the longer I stay in bed the better). I use the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil and apply it the second I get out of the shower to lock in as much moisture as possible. I occasionally apply self-tanner and use the FakeBake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum when I do. It contains coconut oil, silk amino acids and hyaluronic acid that help keep my skin moisturised, hydrated and less wrinkled!

However – speaking honestly - when it comes to body care I give the most attention to the holy trinity. I’m talking boobs, vagine and butt...

Starting with my boobs, I use a range of products that help them stay perky and problem-free. When I'm dieting, I always apply the Mama Mio Goodybye Stretch Marks Cream each evening, as I'm prone to developing stretchmarks when my weight dramatically fluctuates. It is a lightweight cream that applies easily and absorbs quickly and, after using it daily for two months, I've seen a significant reduction in the colour and size of my stretchmarks. I also use the Rodial Super Fit Boob Job Cream to make sure they stay lifted and firm for as long as possible…until I need an actual boob job!

I also pay a lot of attention to my vagine. The skin in our intimate area is even more delicate than other parts of the body, so I'm obsessed with using gentle (but effective) products. Certain branded body washes - I'm looking at you Imperial Lather - have been known to give me thrush (gross I know), so for the past two years I’ve been using the Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash. It smells lovely, is pH-balanced and - thanks to the inclusion of aloe vera - is lovely and soothing, perfect for everyday care. The travel size version of this is always found in my wash bag when I travel. Femfresh also sell travel size freshening cloths for girls on the go – you never know when you’re gonna get down and dirty so it’s essential to keep that #ladygardenonfleek! I shave on a regular basis and use the Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads when I’m done to help prevent nasty ingrowing hairs. I also use the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel to calm down any post-shaving irritation or inflammation.


The final area that gets a whole load of attention is my booty. Like my boobs, I use a couple of result-focused products to keep my butt firm and fabulous. Now sure, a shit tone of squats would help firm my butt however I hate the gym, so I apply the Freezerframe Brazilian Butt Lift daily to keep things peachy. With summer around the corner I've also been doing everything I can to combat the dreaded cellulite. Over the past month I've been applying the Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D Serum to my butt and thighs every evening. The amount of visible cellulite has reduced significantly since using this. Result!

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