Tuesday 19 April 2016

Weekly Worship: Batiste, Queen Tea & Nails Inc

Nails-Inc-Chelsea Gardens-Portobello Terrance-Soho Gardens-Review

In the past few weeks I've been trying a tone of products. So many that my bathroom cabinet cannot take any more shit. It's 100% done. The problem is, I've been loving a huge amount of the newbies I've been trying, so there is only one solution. Bigger-fucking-bathroom.

One of those products is the new Batiste Marrakech Dry Shampoo (£3.29 Boots). I've declared my obsession with Batiste Dry Shampoo too many times to mention, so my love for the brand is nothing new. That being said, this new fragrance is gorgeous and is fast becoming my favourite in the range. The scent is inspired by aromatic flavours, imagery and sounds of Morocco’s bazaars - as is the cute can it's housed in. For £3.29 you really can't go wrong...


Another recent favourite comes from a small British brand called Queen Tea. The brand creates a range of bath and bodycare products that pamper you to perfection. Oh and did I mention the bath products are tea themed? Tea bags for the bath bitches, tea bags for the bath! Being a tea fan myself (Earl & Lady Grey if you care), I HAD to try a bag and I'm really glad I did. These little bags - I tried Really Relaxing (£10.00 queenteacosmetics.com) - are filled with gorgeous ingredients (dead sea salt, epsom salt, lavender, chamomile and tea tree etc.) that fill the tub with a beautiful, relaxing scent. I even add a touch of Queen Tea's Bath Milk Powder to my freshly-brewed baths to help nourish my skin.


My final favourite comes from one of the best British beauty brands, Nails Inc. The brand's spring collection recently landed and, with it, more polishes in the Coconut Bright range. I've been going back and forth between three colours; Soho Gardens (a baby pink), Portobello Terrance (a baby blue) and Chelsea Gardens (a fuchsia pink). These colours (£15.00 nailsinc.com / $15.00 beauty.com) are perfect for spring but the shades alone aren't what got me going. It's the formula. These polishes apply really well, dry reasonably quickly and have good lasting power. They do chip because, well, all nail polishes chip eventually, however I get a flawless mani for a good five days before things start going south.

Nails-Inc-Chelsea Gardens-Portobello Terrance-Review

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