Thursday 21 April 2016

News: #LoveYourHair With Dove


If there is one beauty brand out there that is thirsty to remove self-hate from this earth, it's Dove. For the past few years the beauty giant has been pushing a shit load of campaigns to encourage women to celebrate their individual beauty. Some campaigns have worked really well while others really haven't. However Dove is back with yet another one...and I kinda like it.

The campaign is #LoveYourHair, an initiative designed to celebrate women who choose to silence outside pressures surrounding how they should wear their hair. Basically women who have their hair whatever length, texture or colour they goddamn please.

The campaign was born from a study that found eight out of 10 women feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way. As Rob Candelino, General Manager of haircare at Unilever said in a recent statement, "Our research indicated that the vast majority of women don't actually love their hair, and most feel tremendous pressure to conform to societal beauty norms. This was heartbreaking to us".

Getting involved with the campaign is simple. Just post a photo of your gorgeous (and individual) locks and share why you love them with the world! Don't forget to tag #LoveYourHair, obvs.

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