Sunday 13 March 2016

Grooming: Ego Professional Clipper Review


The Promise: "Ego Clipper offers superior cutting performance and speed and is simple to use"

The Price: £107.00

The Stockist:

The Review: This Ego Professional Cordless Rechargeable Clipper features a precision blade that makes cutting easy - no snagging or pulling the hair at all, just a smooth and precise cut. The design is sleek and robust and features a rubber grip which keeps cutting as comfortable as possible and also prevents slipping. It has an integrated adjustable comb that comes with three length settings and a digital display that tells you the RPM, burden status and available battery time. The display also alerts you when you need to charge the device and add oil to the blade.


The clipper only takes three hours to charge fully and runs for an impressive four hours; unlike other cordless clippers, this run time is pretty accurate. It comes with two attachment combs covering grade lengths 1-4 but - worth noting - doesn't come with a case, which isn't ideal for those who want to travel with their trimmer!


The Pro: The Ego Professional Clipper is a great (and affordable) all-rounder

The Con: It doesn't come with enough attachment combs for different lengths

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