Tuesday 19 January 2016

The Tuesday Tip: Make Your Foundation Glow


Achieving gorgeous glowing skin is on every girl's wishlist but, luckily, you can create it by adding a small step to your makeup routine. This extra step just requires a mosituriser, liquid foundation and liquid illuminator...

Using anything from a bowl to the back of your hand, blend your liquid foundation with equal parts liquid illuminator and moisturiser. Apply this fresh mixture to your skin after moisturising and priming your skin. The result will be a lightweight, dewy finish that keeps your skin glowing throughout the day.


My favourite illuminator to use is the Illamasqua Radiance Veil (£32.00 illamasqua.com / $35.00 b-glowing.com). No illuminator makes your skin glow quite like this one, so much so that if you don't follow with foundation after applying it, you'll sparkle like Edward Cullen in the sun. Although slightly thick in consistency, Radiance Veil feels lightweight on the skin, blends easily, provides a smooth base for makeup application and gives serious lasting power to your finished look. What is not to love?!

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