Tuesday 22 September 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

Applying nail polish seems super easy, right? But many of us gals make mani mistakes, falling victim to chips or coats so thick that our fingerprint is permanently stamped into our nail if we dare to press against it to check it's dried. Luckily manicurist Michelle Class has shared her tips on achieving polish painting perfection....

The celebrity nail queen advises always applying a base coat - she recommends using the Morgan Taylor Stick With It (£11.50 M&S / $8.50 loxabeauty.com), as it gives a good tacky base for the colour to go on to - followed with two coats of colour and a top coat. "Always seal the edge of the nail with each coat of polish to prevent premature chipping or peeling" Michelle adds. It is also important to not apply colour too thin or too thick. Applying polish too thickly means that it will chip much quicker. According to Michelle, it is always better to go too thin and apply a third coat if necessary.

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