Saturday 22 August 2015

Weekly Worship: Prismologie Indigo Interlude Massage Candle

Prismologie Indigo Interlude Massage Candle Review

Price: £55.00 200g

Stockists: Space NK

When it came to massage candles, I couldn't have been more inexperienced in using them. I'm the girl who, up until recently, wasn't sure how they even worked. I was confused as to how you massage the melted liquid onto the skin, without burning it or covering it in a crumbly, waxy mess. So, I thought it was about time I lost my massage candle virginity. A few weeks ago, I picked up the Indigo Interlude Massage Candle from Prismologie; a natural soy and beeswax candle that melts into a warm massage oil. It is created with an aromatic oud that smells absolutely gorgeous and evokes feelings of calmness and serenity - a must when massaging.

The Interlude Massage Candle works by lighting the wick and keeping it lit until a pool of oil forms. You then extinguish the flame and pause for a few moments before pouring the oil onto the palm of the hand and massaging it into the skin in circular motions. The rich oil - that combines wild mango and coconut oil - massages into the skin beautifully and absorbs surprisingly quickly, preventing that horrible greasy finish many massage oils leave on the skin. Once fully absorbed, the skin is left feeling silky soft and well nourished.

Although it is on the expensive side, I really love this candle. It couldn't be simpler to use and it feels amazing on the skin, both pre and post massage. However my favourite thing about this calming candle is its scent; it is so unbelievably gorgeous that I wish it was available in an eau de parfum.

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