Tuesday 2 June 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Fix Dried Or Gloopy Nail Polish

Fix Dried Or Gloopy Nail Polish

If your nail polish has dried up or turned gloopy, do not fear! Bringing it back to life couldn't be easier. Simply add a couple of drops of nail polish remover to the bottle, tighten the lid and shake! In only a few short seconds your polish will be back to life and ready to use.

Be warned, although this trick revives a lifeless lacquer, it doesn't do it without compromise. Adding nail polish remover to a polish does weaken its quality and pigmentation. However once it turns gloopy it is unusable anyway, so what the hell...

Now, there is a second way to combat the god awful gloop....using the Mavala Nail Polish Thinner 10ml (£7.60 feelunique.com). This amazing product does exactly what is says and deserves a spot in every nail kit! Your final option is to invest in quality polishes from great nail brands; some of my favourites include Treat, OPI, Caption and Nails Inc.

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