Monday 12 January 2015

Ingredients 101: Ginger Root Extract

Natural or Synthetic: Natural

Origin: Ginger root extract is taken from ginger, the rhizome of the Zingiber plant

Location: Ginger is indigenous to southern China, however it is now grown commercially across the world.

Beauty Benefits: Ginger had been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Ginger carries a huge number of benefits when it comes to the body, however it equally benefits the skin. Ginger contains around 40 antioxidant compounds that protect the skin from the free radicals (i.e. environmental damage), reduce toxins in skin cells and increase blood circulation. Ginger also improves elasticity which makes skin firmer and more youthful and, if that's not enough, it treats hypermentation. This is why the ingredient is found in so many anti-ageing skincare products.

In addition to its anti-ageing benefits, ginger helps to smooth and heal skin damage (anything from burns and insect bites to acne and blisters).

Warnings: Ginger is considered safe to use topically, however if you are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult your doctor before using it.

Found in: Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser 250ml (£26.90 / $30.60 This gel-like cleanser is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It provides a nice cooling sensation whilst on the skin, is fragrance free and doesn't create any post cleanse irritation or tightness. It also does an amazing job at removing tough makeup, a rarity in gentle cleansers. It helps reduce redness and keeps skin hydrated long after it's been rinsed off.

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