Tuesday 26 August 2014

The Tuesday Tip: Don't Pick That Pimple!

This tip is for all my acne sufferers out there! We all suffer with nasty pimples from time to time and one of the best tips for treating pimples is to just not pick them!

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Now this will in no way prevent acne, however squeezing pimples really makes the situation a million times worse - we're talking bigger pimples, more pimples and permanent scarring.

The problem with squeezing a pimple is that it aggravates the pore and its surrounding area, causing skin to become inflamed, damaged and unable to hold on to any type of cover-up. Squeezing a pimple also spreads oil and bacteria, resulting in a longer healing time and a strong chance of more pimples. Even worse, squeezing a spot can break the skin, leading to permanent acne scarring. So stay strong and say no to the squeeze!

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