Friday 25 July 2014

News: #Essietogo

The beauty vending machine is not a new concept, however the rumours of an Essie vending machine still got me pretty freakin excited! So I'm very  happy to announce that those rumours were true...

Essie vending machine

This month, the much-loved nail brand launched the Essie Color Boutique - a nail polish vending machine that will be available in select airports and malls across North America.

Each Color Boutique will be stocked with a total of 42 shades from the core Essie range, along with six seasonal colours that will be switched up every time a new collection launches. Users can also choose from among eight curated nail art looks, which link to a 'how to' application guide.

So you can now feel safe in the knowledge that the next time you have a chipped manicure (or no manicure at all!), a solution won't be far from your fingertips!

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