Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Tuesday Tip: When It Comes To The Eye, Correctly Apply!

Today I had the  most amazing facial with Sarah Burns, the Facial Coordinator at Elizabeth Arden UK. We were casually talking all things eyes, when she revealed a big mistake many women make when applying skincare products to the eye area. The mistake we can each be guilty of is applying products directly under the eyes and on the eyelids. Applying eye products too close to the eyes is not only unnecessary but dangerous, as it can lead to irritation, inflammation and milia.

So, to make sure you apply eye products correctly, dab half a pea-sized amount of product along the bottom of your eye socket up to your temple using your ring finger (this finger applies the least amount of pressure!). Then do the same for the top of your eye socket, working from the inner corner of your eyebrow down to your temple. The applied product will then naturally migrate to the whole of the eye area, (safely) giving those peepers the attention they deserve!

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