Friday 23 May 2014

News: Talk Beauty To Me!

For the past few weeks, Selfridges has been running an exciting beauty-focused project. It is called The Beauty Workshop - a six week programme designed to explore all areas of beauty, looking at everything from stereotypes and surgery to new products and the future of the industry. In addition to these hot topics, there will be a variety of beauty talks and masterclasses taking place - each of them hosted by beauty pioneers and industry leaders. It is looking to be the biggest British beauty event of the year and, by some miracle, I've managed to get myself involved!

On the June 11th, I will be joining Dermalogica to discuss whether or not the stereotypical notion of beauty really empowers women. Are women working in the beauty industry being exploited? Or actually just making money from an industry that makes women feel shitty about themselves? These are the types of questions we will be discussing and, as there are so many different views on the subject, it will be a very  interesting talk.

This Dermalogica discussion will take place on June 11th at The Salon. Click here for tickets if you want to get involved!!

Dermalogica The Beauty Workshop
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