Friday 11 April 2014

Review: Giorgio Armani Maestro Mediterranea Collection

The Promise: "Maestro Mediterranea reveals the beauty of naturally sun-kissed skin with these 4 new essentials, which may be combined, blended or layered at will to create the desired effect. Liquids and compacts subtly and generously work together to evoke the Armani sun-kissed look".

The Price: From £34.00 / $46.00

The Stockist: / Nordstrom

The Review: The summer season is all about creating a naturally gorgeous glow and Giorgio Armani's new technology-focused collection is just what you need to achieve it.

The Maestro Mediterranea Collection includes:
  • Maestro Fusion Blush (available in 3 shades)
  • Cheek Fabric (available in 8 shades)
  • Maestro Liquid Summer
  • Sun Fabric (available in 4 shades)

Now I'll start with the Maestro Liquid Blush and Maestro Liquid Bronzer - both a result of Armani's focus on creating great makeup with a no-makeup feel.

These two innovative products use Armani's Maestro Color-Fil technology to give a gorgeous, lightweight texture that naturally fuses with the skin. The blush and bronzer blend in so seamlessly and provide such a natural finish, that it is very difficult to make mistakes during application.

Both the bronzer and blush are packaged in dropper bottles (much like the Maestro Fusion Foundations), allowing you to dispense just the right amount of product. This is perfect as both products are so highly pigmented that only the tiniest amount of product is needed per use. It also means that these 15ml and 30ml bottles are likely to last a very long time.

Now it is worth noting that the bronzer and blush colours look a lot darker in the bottle than they do once blended into the skin. Check it out below!

I am obsessed with both of these beauties, however I'd have to say that my favourite product out of the two is the bronzer. It is buildable, lightweight and incredibly long lasting. It does contain a slight amount of shimmer, however it is not at all glittery and, instead, creates a lovely depth. It is actually one of the best bronzers I have used in a long time and its oh-so-natural finish is what got me hooked.

Now although the Maestro Liquid Blush and Maestro Liquid Bronzer are the real heroes of this collection, the Cheek Fabric and Sun Fabric deserve some attention too. These compact powders feature Color Essenza technology; a unique formulation process that creates ultra-fine and lightweight colour powders. They combine the purest pigments with a transparent, non-whitening base to deliver the exact shades you see in the compact. This non-whitening base also ensures that the shade isn't altered hours after application.

The Cheek Fabric and Sun Fabric also have a velvety texture that feels soft and weightless on the skin. They are also highly pigmented and easy to apply and, like the Maestro Liquid Blush and Maestro Liquid Bronzer, they provide a lovely natural finish.

Overall I would highly recommend the Maestro Mediterranea Collection. Girogio Armani has clearly put a lot of research, technology and time into this collection and it has more than paid off. The colours are beautiful, the pigments are strong, the finish is natural, the application is easy and the results are long lasting.

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