Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

Girls who love dramatic eye makeup, or simply have a penchant for loose pigments, will understand the true pain of eyeshadow fallout.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, eyeshadow fallout refers to the speckles of eyeshadow, glitter or loose pigment that fall onto the face (usually underneath the eye area) during eye makeup application. Not only does fallout ruin existing makeup, trying to remove it always seems to make the problem worse.

Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

Luckily there are a variety of tricks that help to prevent eyeshadow fallout. These include:
  • Applying an eyeshadow primer
  • Wetting your brush before applying product
  • Placing a tissue, cotton pad or business card underneath the eyes to catch fallout
  • Tapping excess product off of your brush before applying it
  • Adding a thick layer of translucent powder underneath the eyes before applying product. This enables any fallout to be swept away easily with a powder brush

However as helpful as these tricks are, the best way to avoid fallout is to simply apply eye makeup before any other makeup. By starting with the eyes, any fallout that occurs during makeup application can simply be wiped away!

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