Monday 8 July 2013

Review: Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque

So I may have found the world's best clay mask...

The Promise: "Mineral rich clay, with restorative properties regulates oil secretion in the skin, combats blemishes, and purifies. Deep cleansing, absorbs and eliminates impurities and soothes leaving skin with a fresh matt look"

The Price: £44.50 125ml

The Stockists:

The Hero Ingredients: Red clay, cardamom seed oil and citric acid

Before discussing the application, there are two amazing things about this product that I have  to mention. The first is that 'aqua' is not at the top of the ingredients list!! Now this may seem like a strange thing to say, however even the best and most expensive skincare products usually contain aqua as the main ingredient. Water is an inactive ingredient, so nothing pleases me more than seeing it take second place to the mask's most beneficial ingredient, red clay.

The second amazing thing about this product is the packaging. The mask is stored in an air-tight container, meaning that the mask only comes into contact with air the minute it is pumped out. This has a huge benefit over standard masks that come in a jar or tube, as they can become oxidized due to frequent air contact. When a product begins to oxidize, some of its beneficial effects are lost.

The Application: The Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque spreads onto the skin easily and absorbs into the skin incredibly quickly. It usually dries within 5 minutes, going from a rich dark brown (see below) to a light chocolate milk colour. When the mask has completely dried, the skin is left tight and expressionless - you really won't be able to move your face. However removing the mask is surprisingly easy. I use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to remove the mask and it comes away in just a few clean sweeps.

Fragrance wise, the mask has that obvious clay scent you'd expect to smell, however I don't find it as off-putting as other clay masks on the market.

The Results: Once removed, the skin feels incredibility clean and the finish is most definitely matte. I don't suffer from very oily or acne prone skin, however I still benefit from using this mask once a week. It enhances my complexion and really improves the texture of my skin, leaving it ultra smooth.

I'm sure this mask would provide even better results if I did have oily or acne prone skin. It has been found to reduce the skin's sebum levels by approximately 35.4% and the number of blemishes by approximately 23%!

The Pro: It boosts the skin's complexion and creates the perfect skin texture, making the application of other skincare products even easier.

The Con: It is on the expensive side, however you do get double the amount of product compared to other masks.

Have you tried any other products from Clayspray?

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