Friday 26 July 2013

News: Concoction Haircare Launches

Sometimes a product or service comes along that is so genius, yet so simple, that I kick myself for not thinking of it! Concoction is just that...

Concoction is a salon-quality haircare range that enables you to create your very own shampoo blend, designed specifically to meet your haircare needs. This is hair mixology and it couldn't be simpler. You just pick a scented 'Base Blend' shampoo and two concentrated 'SuperSerum Shots' of your choice. There are 8 different shots in total, all with natural botanicals, scientific actives and vitamins that either add moisture, revive colour or boost volume.

Once you've picked your perfect blend, you add the two SuperSerum Shots to the Base Blend and shake shake shake! VoilĂ , your perfect shampyou!

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