Thursday 18 July 2013

Ask TBI: Save My Stained Nails!

Question: I paint my toenails all of the time. In fact, you will never see naked toenails on my feet! However I think my constant coating is staining my nails. How can I stop the staining? - Robyn, Bristol.

Answer: Some nail polishes contain certain coloured pigments that can leave a nasty yellow stain on toenails and fingernails. Darker toned polishes are usually the main culprits!

To remove the yellow stain, soak a cotton pad with lemon juice and rub it onto the nails. This will not only help to remove the stain, it will also brighten the nails.

The best way to prevent nail staining in the future is to use a base coat before applying nail polish. By doing this the base coat will act as a protective barrier between the nail and the polish. My top three base costs are Essie's First Base 15ml (£8.51 / $8.00 ULTA), OPI's Natural Base 15ml (£11.50, / $8.00 and Revlon's Colorstay Nail Enamel Base Coat 11ml (£7.99 Boots / $7.99 ULTA).
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