Thursday 2 May 2013

Review: Dermalogica Face Mapping

Dermalogica’s Face Mapping® is a free skin analysis service available at authorised Dermalogica skin treatment centres, salons, and spas worldwide. I experienced the Face Mapping service at the Dermalogica counter in The Beauty Workshop (Selfridges).

Face Mapping involves a trained Dermalogica beauty therapist conducting a one-on-one, hands on analysis of your skin, looking at each area of the face zone-by-zone. The skin analysis is also combined with an in-depth consultation regarding your current skincare routine, concerns and desires.

To take you through the service step-by-step, Face Mapping begins with a quick questionnaire about your skin habits and beauty choices (i.e. what products do you use? are you a sunbed addict? what are your main skin concerns?). Once complete, the Dermalogica beauty therapist will talk you through your answers and really grill you on all aspects of your skin and the results you desire from skincare products.

After your initial consultation, the beauty therapist will pop on some intense (very scientific looking) magnifying glasses and analyse the 14 zones of your face, pointing out any signs of ageing, pigmentation, acne, excessive oily etc. When the skin analysis is finished, your results will be typed up and your very own face map will be created. Your new face map (see above) will point out where on the face you have skin problems (if there are any of course!).

After talking you through the results of your skin analysis, the beauty therapist will write up your prescription, handpick a selection products and create a new skincare regime that will best benefit your skin. He/she will then talk you through each of the products in detail, giving you information on their benefits and how they should best be used.

When your Face Mapping experience is over, you will be given a great little pack to take away. The pack will include your prescription (which will give details on your skin concerns and the products prescribed to best treat them), 3 samples of your choice and more information on the brand. 

I had a great Face Mapping experience. I was told my skin was in good condition and there were no concerns other than the dark circles under my eyes (a problem I am fully aware of!). I was served by Emma, an incredibly knowledgeable beauty therapist who was able to answer the millions of questions I threw at her. I would go as far as to say that the customer service I experienced at Dermalogica was the best I have ever received from any beauty counter or store in the past. For these reasons I would really recommend the Dermalogica Face Mapping (and the brand as a whole!). If you have even the slightest concerns over your skin, or simply want some advice on how to keep it healthy, then you will really benefit from this service.

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Have you tried any other skin analysis services that you would recommend?

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