Sunday 27 June 2021

Review | Lush Beauty Sleep

Lush's Beauty Sleep is a face and body mask designed to calm the skin and deliver deep hydration.

The clay mask contains three key ingredients - flaxseed, honey, and coconut - which work together to hydrate, clarify, and protect the skin, whilst reducing inflammation, and improving barrier function. Ground Aduki Beans are included to gently exfoliate, while a dollop of Lush's much-loved Gorgeous moisturiser is added to provide nourishment.

Beauty Sleep has a rich mousse-like consistency that spreads over the skin easily, gently exfoliating as it goes. Little product is required per application, however I slather a generous amount on to give my skin a little extra love. 

I usually leave Beauty Sleep on for around 15 minutes and, whilst it works its magic, my skin is left feeling super comfortable - no tightening or cracking to see here! Removal is also a breeze - I just use a damp muslin cloth to wipe it away and I find the mess minimal when compared with some of the other Lush masks (I'm looking at you, Oatifix). When the mask is removed, my skin is left super clean and beautifully soft. 

One of my favourite features of Beauty Sleep is its fragrance. It carries the same notes as Sleepy - lavender, tonka, and ylang ylang - alongside fresh citrus notes like neroli and lemon. It is the perfect scent for sending you off to sleep!

I find Beauty Sleep so effective that it has quickly become one of my go-to products when my skin is in dire need of TLC. It is available in two sizes - 125g for £13 and 315g for £24 - and can be purchased in Lush stores or online at

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