Friday 6 November 2020

The Lowdown | DUOLAB

If beauty gadgets get you going, then you're going to lose your sh*t over this one.

The DUOLAB is a device that blends fresh skincare formulas together to create ready-to-apply skincare product that is designed to treat whatever skin issue you're experiencing at that very moment. Impressive, huh!?

Think of it as your very own skin laboratory. You just push your two chosen skincare capsules (one base and one concentrate) into the device. Using its unique thermo-cosmetic technology, the DUOLAB system then takes just 90 seconds to blend the two formulas together and heats them to the same temperature as the skin (37.2°C if you're wondering). This not only emulsifies them, but it also helps the custom-blended formula to be more effectively absorbed by the skin.

The capsules come courtesy of L'Occitane, the most recent brand to collaborate with DUOLAB. Eight capsules are currently available, resulting in 15 different DUOLAB skincare combinations. Each capsule's formula is tailored, freshly-blended, highly-natural, preservative-free, and packed with active ingredients. The capsules cost £17.50 for 14 and can be purchased at

Now if the device itself isn't impressive enough, DUOLAB has a free app that uses two state-of-the-art forms of AI to both pre-empt skin’s needs and respond to its changing environment. The first is the LoxSkinAI module, which identifies different skin problems based on a questionnaire and photo analysis to provide a personalised care programme (the AI recognises redness, blemishes, dark spots and signs of ageing e.g. wrinkles or lack of firmness). DUOLAB uses photo analysis because they believe a photo-based diagnostic provides more expertise than a self-assessment quiz only. The innovative brand's inaugural version of the LoxSkinAI module can detect wrinkle levels and has been trained on an initial dataset of 2,000 pictures. This AI will continually evolve to incorporate even more skin parameters.

The second AI module, the DlabPredictAI, is a brand-specific AI that automatically generates a unique program of DUOLAB capsules for each profile in a predictive way. The module tells you which duo of capsules to use in the morning, and which to use in the evening for your initial six cycles - taking into consideration skin profile, skin priorities, and the changing seasons. You can re-evaluate your skin as often as you like, although the brand recommends doing it every one to two months. Ad-hoc changes to your programme can also be requested if needed. In the near future, the DlabPredictAI module will use geolocalisation or connection with other lifestyle apps to incorporate additional personal and environmental factors, such as the weather, pollution peaks, lack of sleep and hormonal variations.

The DUOLAB cost £250 and is available in three colours, Blush, Sand, and Mimosa. It can be purchased from

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