Sunday 26 July 2020

New Brand Alert | Potion Paris

A new fragrance brand has landed in the UK and it combines uniqueness, nature, and luxury...

The brand is Potion Paris and it draws inspiration from ancient perfumes. Over 5,000 years ago fragrances were created using ingredients provided solely by nature. They contained no chemicals or synthetic ingredients and it was this natural, toxic-free touch that Potion Paris was desperate to recreate.

Potion Paris spent three years perfecting naturally-derived, toxin-free eau de parfums that use rare ingredients to create the most uniquely beautiful scents. The brand's first collection is made up of seven fragrances, which include:
  • Addiction – an intense, addictive mix of peony and nutmeg
  • Creation – a warm, rich and woody vanilla and musk scent
  • Deception – a rich, white floral fragrance of jasmine and patchouli
  • Devotion – a feminine, complex scent of white flower and patchouli
  • Seduction – a warm, strong and reassuring blend of amber, praline and wood
  • Sensation – a woody sensual blend of precious oud and oriental
  • Temptation – a seductive, strong rose, peony and wood scent

In addition to creating beautiful scents, Potion Paris produce the most beautiful packaging. The brand has created a beautiful and reusable crystal shaped vial that will house any of the Potion Paris fragrances. Available in black or rose gold, this vial can be used over and over again and is worthy of being displayed on your dresser - it is that beautiful. To help combat global waste, Potion Paris also has a return, refill, repeat programme. If you return (for free) 10 empty 10ml fragrance vials, they will be will be cleaned, sanitised and refilled, and two 10ml vials (of any fragrance of your choice) will be sent back to you!

In addition to its sustainability creds, Potion Paris is in partnership with One Tree Planted, planting one tree for every purchase of one of its Box or Collection Sets. The brand is also a proud member PETA, ensuring all its products are completely cruelty-free.

Potion Paris fragrances are available from £29.99. You can also purchase a Discovery Sample Set for £19,99. It contains a 2ml sample of each Potion Paris eau de parfum fragrance (seven in total). The Discovery Set also includes a £20.00 voucher that you can put towards your favourite full size scent!

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