Sunday 25 February 2018

Review: Elemental Energy

Crystal healing is a practice that has been going for so long that even the ancients were getting in on it. We're talking the earliest of civilizations, Kweens...

Some say crystals aid in the healing process and this has everything to do with their energy and vibration. Everything in the entire universe is made up of energy - even us humans and boring crap like chairs. Just like the cells in our body, crystals are made up of energy, so (according to the pros) when crystals are placed around the body, the body's vibration will match the crystal, keeping you balanced. And, in the same way crystals can improve your mind and body, they can also improve your skin.

Kristin Petrovich, Founder of Sjal skincare, is a true believer in the beauty benefits of crystals. So much so that Sjal is actually based around the concept of crystal healing. Kristin recently released a book detailing the power of crystals from a beauty perspective and I'm a true convert. The book, 'Elemental Energy', is designed to show you how to harness the energetic power of crystals and gemstones to achieve a huge number of beauty and wellness benefits.

The book is the ultimate guide to crystals. Not only does it explain why crystal healing is so beneficial, it provides detailed information on the 10 essential gemstones and crystals you need in your kit, explaining their benefits and how you can incorporate them into at-home beauty and wellness treatments (anything from gemstone steams to chakra foot massage). There are also recipes for skincare treatments, as well as detailed instructions on practices and techniques you can use in your daily life to enrich your ass.

The book is an enjoyable, easy read. If you're a beauty addict who knows nothing about the world of crystals, this is the perfect book for you. It cost £20 and is available from Amazon.

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