Saturday 26 August 2017

Treat Yo Self: Hammam Ritual @ Urban Retreat

The Moroccan Spa marocMaroc at Urban Retreat is nothing short of paradise. It is a beautiful, hand-crafted spa that has been inspired by regal Morocco. It is an area where you can relax and revive the body and mind with a number of exclusive spa treatments.

Last month I found myself in the beautiful Moroccan-inspired oasis, which is found on the top floor of the world-famous Harrods store. I was there to experience the popular Hammam Ritual. The Hammam Ritual is a luxury treatment inspired by centuries old ancestral Moroccan beauty customs where your mind, body and skin is purified during a luxury bathing ritual in a hot Hammam room. I have to say, it was one of the most interesting and wonderful treatments I've ever experienced...

As my treatment took place in Harrods, it should come as no surprise that luxury was present the second I stepped foot in the Moroccan spa. There was a Japanese toilet, delicious refreshments and a gorgeous changing room where I found luxe soft robes, beauty products and electricals to make sure I looked good when it came time to leave.

After getting myself undressed and robed, I waited for my Hammam Ritual in the warm relaxation room. A Kessala (AKA treatment therapist) then came and found me and escorted me into the Hammam room, the steam room where my treatment took place. I was taken into one of the many treatment chambers, told to strip and lie face down on the warm marble floor, resting my head on a soft rolled-up towel (I wasn't joking when I said this was one of the most interesting treatments I've ever had!).

My treatment began with my entire body being cleansed using traditional black soap. The soap softened and nourished my skin ready for exfoliation and it was rinsed with buckets of warm water that were poured over me. It sounds strange but this felt incredibly relaxing and soothing. The body cleanse was then followed with a deep exfoliation using a gritty exfoliating glove (that I got to keep!) called a kessa glove. A kessa glove is a traditional and natural exfoliator that removes dead skin and bacteria to open pores and stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems.

What came next was a softer exfoliation and massage using a beautifully-scented scrub packed with rich ingredients (Argan oil, ground roses and almonds to name a few) that deeply nourished my skin. This scrub was then left on my skin for a good 10 minutes and all I had to do was lay there, surrounded by the sound of rushing water, and relax... it was so easy I almost fell asleep. The Hammam Ritual ended with a traditional stretching exercise to remove tensions and to rejuvenate my body.

The entire treatment latest around an hour and it was one of the most relaxing, soothing and nourishing beauty experiences I've ever had. My Kessala was lovely and kept me at ease throughout the treatment (speaking honestly, I was a little nervous about someone washing my naked body at first!). I left the spa with a body that felt beautifully soft and a mind that felt calm and carefree. It's no surprise this treatment is based on centuries old bathing rituals. If it worked for women hundreds of year's ago, it's sure going to work for us modern bitches!

The Hammam Ritual is £150 and available at The Moroccan Spa at Urban Retreat in Harrods.

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