Monday 17 April 2017

Review: YSL The Shock Mascara


For those that know me well, you'll understand my obsession YSL Beauty. The Touche Éclat Le Teint foundation is my favourite foundation of all time, I own too many lip colours to mention and I go into melt down every time I misplace my Couture Brow Palette! So when the brand recently launched its new mascara, The Shock, it was only right I hooked up my eyelashes.

The Shock (£23.00 / $29.00 Sephora) is the first mascara launch from YSL since Vinyl Couture - a mascara masterpiece that was discontinued because a handful of people received a little irritation...urgh. This was officially the worst thing to happen to beauty in 2016, as Vinyl Couture was possibly the best mascara I had ever tried. Yes, I'm that fucking serious.

Unfortunately The Shock doesn't live up to the legend that was Vinyl Couture, however it is pretty impressive and, because of that, has entered my life as a makeup bag must-have.


The Shock promises to deliver voluminous, clump-free lashes from root to tip and it does this very well. The Shock gives great lift to my lashes and separates them beautifully with only a few strokes, revealing a feminine, fluttery lash look - as opposed a thick spider-lash nightmare. Results are achieved with just one application, which is rare for any mascara (even the legend that was Vinyl Couture!).

The black pigment is incredibly strong, helping give a gorgeous intensity to the eyes and, as for lasting power, The Shock has your lashes looking long and luscious all day. It may not be as amazing as Vinyl Couture, however it comes pretty fucking close.

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