Friday 14 April 2017

Get Me Bodied

Y'all know I have fine hair and hate it. It has zero body and zero fucking thickness. I depend on dry shampoo to give it texture and have tried numerous supplements in the past to make my dream a reality...unsuccessfully of course. However around a month ago, I started using a combination of products that have really turned things around. Now these products haven't made my hair naturally thicker but they have delivered thicker looking hair...and that's all a bitch can ask for at this point.

When it comes to washing my locks, I've been using the OGX Bamboo Fiber-Full Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo gives my hair an ultra-deep clean, while the very lightweight conditioner keeps things smooth and bouncy. The conditioner is not ultra rich and creamy - so if you're the kind of girl who loves that deep moisturing experience, this is not for you. Instead, this conditioner is a hydrating hero that is packed with bamboo fibers and soy proteins that give strands the appearance of body and fullness.

Now as good as this OGX duo is not the main cause of my thicker, fuller appearing hair. However it is a contributor and creates the perfect foundation for my new-found hair routine. I know this because I have tried switching the routine up using different shampoos and conditioners and things have failed miserably.

The big game changers come courtesy of Paul Mitchell and they are three products in the Extra Body range - the Thicken Up® Styling Liquid, Daily Boost® and Firm Finishing Spray®. I use the Thicken Up® Styling Liquid on towel-tried hair, working three pumps of product into my palms and distributing it evenly through my hair, from my ends up to my roots. I then spray my damp roots with the Daily Boost and massage it in whilst I get to drying. Once my hair is completely dry, I spray the Firm Finishing spray all over it to complete the look.

All three of these products work wonders on my hair. They are lightweight, create no residue or stickiness and still enable natural movement in my hair. They each provide amazing texture and volume with very little work needed from me. I have always hated my locks when they are freshly washed because they're limp and lifeless, however thanks to this trio, I haven't experienced this hair hardship in a long time.

The final part of my hair routine involves dry shampoo, a follow-up product I use between washes. I spray the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume into my hair - particularly the roots - each morning to keep hair looking thick and voluminous. This Aussie dry shampoo soaks up grease in seconds and gives my hair a new lease of life, adding texture and thickness as it goes. Be warned though, when I say this bad boy thickens...I really mean in. It thickens and stiffens for the Gods - so much so that you, or anyone else, will be unable to run fingers through romantic moments for you, sis.

Now I can't promise these products will help all girls out there with fine hair, however they really work for me and I promise that is really saying something.

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