Friday 28 April 2017

Models Own X Sofly


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I try and keep my nail game strong. I'm obsessed with nail art and nail when I found out SoFly, one of my favourite nail artists, has done a nail polish collaboration with Models Own, I wanted in.

Sofly (aka Sophy Robson) is a nail artist who has worked with some of the fashion world's elite, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Henry Holland to name just a few. Her work is creative, fun and beyond dope, so it came as no surprised that a big nail brand wanted to snatch her us for a collab...Models Own happened to be it.

Launching today, the SoFly Collection features five colours inspired by Sophy Robson herself. Models Own describe the collection as half street, half chic and they're spot-the-fuck-on. The collection includes a fiery red, shimmer pink, metallic gold, speckled pink and a shimmer lilac. Every polish lid is marked with the Sofly logo and featured a bejeweled top. Each of the colours are highly pigmented and long lasting. They also have super glossy shine - giving a gel-like finish without the UV...or cost!


Available from and Models Own stores, each polish is available for £4.99.

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