Sunday 23 October 2016

Win: Hayo'u Beauty + Wellness Products

Hayo'u is a new wellness brand designed to help you tackle your toxic stress levels, as well as make you look younger, feel stronger and become more energised. Can I get a yas kween?!

At the heart of Hayo'u is the brand's amazing wellness programme. Distilled from the 7,000 year old wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, the programme works alongside Western Medicine, creating self-care rituals designed to make fighting the effects of stress an effortless, enjoyable part of an at-home health and well-being regime. The best thing about these self-care rituals is that they are free! A visit to will provide you all the stress-busting resources and tutorials you need to feel better.

To support the self-health benefits of the Hayo'u programme, the brand recently released a range of beauty and wellbeing products that I've become obsessed with.

My favourite products in the range are the Bathe-Rite De-Stress Bath Minerals, Treat-Rite De-Stress Body Oil, Treat-Rite De-Stress Face Oil and Beauty Restorer. The Bath Minerals and De-Stress Body Oil make for the perfect pampering duo, as they help to soothe and nourish the skin, as well as calm the mind! However the Beauty Restorer and Treat-Rite De-Stress Face Oil have more of a fix-your-face focus.

Formulated with vitamin E, sweet almond oil, karanja oil and calendula, the Treat-Rite De-Stress Face Oil deeply moisturises the skin, whilst combating oxidative stress and UV radiation damage. The lightweight oil is also the perfect skin saviour, treating skin conditions (eczema, acne and psoriasis etc.), correcting pigmentation and repairing dry and flaky skin. However as skin-benefiting as the Treat-Rite De-Stress Face Oil is, the real power player is the Beauty Restorer. This simple (but gorgeous!), self-treatment tool is based on an ancient Chinese Medicine technique called Gua Sha. To activate the Beauty Restorer's beauty benefits, you simply rub and scrape the tool (don't be scared!) across the face in an upward motion. Doing this promotes lymphatic drainage which helps reduce toxicity and congestion. It also enhances nutrient supply and draws out tension!

Now I love the new Hayo'u product range so much, that I'm offering one of you lucky bitches the change to win all four of my favourite products (worth £150)!! To get involved, simply enter via Rafflecopter...

The Prize:
  • Bathe-Rite De-Stress Bath Minerals
  • Treat-Rite De-Stress Body Oil
  • Treat-Rite De-Stress Face Oil 
  • Beauty Restorer

The Rules:
  • The giveaway will run for two weeks
  • The giveaway is open to UK residents only
  • The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of the giveaway closing. If I don't hear from the winner within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen

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