Saturday 15 October 2016

Grooming: The Best Boys Toys


When it comes to boys toys, there’s a whole world of gadgets out there to get us guy's going and - for me - it doesn't get more exciting than grooming gadgets. Some amazing electricals have launched this year, so the time had come to put them through their paces. Luckily Sophie had just the man for the job, her flatmate and fabulous friend Doug...AKA me!

First up is probably the most simple gadget in the group, the Panasonic Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver (£115 It promises 'power and performance for a smooth result' which, incidentally, is what a lot of men on Grindr promised me during my single days. But unlike them, the Panasonic did not disappoint, thanks to a variety of functions including a 'pre-shave' that cuts denser hair for an easier shave, a 'close shave' which provides that baby-faced aesthetic and a 'gentle to skin' function. As someone who suffers from sensitive skin, this 'gentle to skin' function really is a god-send. After all, no one wants to look like they’ve been face-stung by a jellyfish after emerging from the bathroom each morning.

This high-quality electrical razor works well on both wet and dry skin. It also charges up really quickly, which is handy if you forgot to plug it in the night before work!


The Philips OneBlade (£34.99 Boots) was the next gadget to get a good grilling. At first glance this razor seemed a little low-rent with its transparent packaging, garish labels and promise to 'trim, edge and shave any length of hair'. But, as Cher’s plastic surgeon has proved, looks can be deceiving because I love this - slightly terrifying at first glance - single blade. Dual sided, it comes with three stubble combs - the first provides a precise trim, the second some sharp edging for that stylish goatee (note: we take no responsibility for your lack-of-a-sex-life if you choose to have a goatee), and the third a traditional American-jock clean shave.

However the REAL selling point of this unassuming beauty is that it actually lives up to its tagline: 'designed to cut hair, not skin'. Believe it or not, this is one of only a few razors that haven't cut or irritated my skin. Smoother than Michael Bublé at the office Christmas party, this gadget impresses far beyond its simplistic packaging!


Next up is the Braun New MultiGroomer (£69.99 and this stylish piece of German engineering will allow any man to carry out some necessary manscaping. That’s right boys, women shouldn't be the only ones bending over backwards to blitz their bits. Now, speaking from experience, I’m not a fan of the plucked chicken look on a man, but you can certainly impress more with a tidy downstairs and a chest that doesn’t resemble Cousin Itt.

The MultiGroomer is quick to charge and, thanks to an in-shower function and sturdy handle, it provides the bravery needed to trim around your most important parts! It features three styling combs to cover different hair lengths and, being a multi-purpose tool, you’ll be able to shave, style and trim your way to a (reasonably) hairless new you!

Braun-New MultiGroomer-Review

Of the four gadgets I tested, my personal favourite had to be the new Clarisonic Alpha Fit (£170, a nifty tool that cleans & energizes skin. It promises to 'clear away oil, sweat, and grime' and it truly lives up to this. With two speed settings - 60 seconds and 80 seconds - the Alpha Fit is able to cleanse both shaven and bearded men with ease. It is waterproof so you can use it in the shower and it holds its charge for a surprisingly large amount of time!

As well as smoothing skin, the Alpha Fit also smooths facial hair, blessing you with soft and irritation-free fuzz! If that's not enough, it features a manly bullet-esque shape that allows you to look (and feel) reasonably neanderthal while taking care of your skin!


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