Friday 13 May 2016

eSalon & The Match-Up Service


If you're not already aware of eSalon, it is an online hair brand that launched in the UK in 2015. eSalon is famous for delivering fully customised at-home hair colour with its Made For You Hair Colour service. However the brand has launched something new and equally as personal. It's known as The Match-Up...

The Match-Up is a service that enables you to get expert selected salon-grade hair products delivered to your door, as and when your hair needs it - the perfect service for us bad (beauty) bitches! The service provides a personally curated box of three full-sized products from the eSalon range and it costs just £22.00, including delivery! You can either choose these products yourself or have them selected for you, through a personalised hair survey and eSalon’s patented algorithm (it factors in hair type, hair concerns, styling goals and personal preference). The Match-Up service also incorporates client feedback and intelligent replenishment, so you’ll never have to worry about receiving too much shit. All products available in the service are backed by eSalon’s ‘Love Your Hair Guarantee’ so you'll never have to worry about receiving something your locks don't love. And if you don't want to commit to this relationship right away, you can always purchase a one-off Match-Up box.


I recently tried The Match-Up and loved it. Based on my details and survey results, the service recommended I try the Gaining Strength Repair Shampoo, At Full Strength Repair Conditioner and the Joining Forces Split End Sealer - perfect fixers for my fine and damaged hair. So I put these bad boys in my basket and even added another two products for good measure; a shower cap and colour enhancing treatment. You get 25% off each additional item you add to your Match-Up box, so I really couldn't say no...right? The products themselves are great; they smell gorgeous and they keep my hair clean, healthy and super shiny! And I don't even have to take my sweet ass to the drugstore to get them!!

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