Sunday 8 November 2015

Grooming: L'Oréal Men Expert Skin & Stubble Purifying Wash Review


The Promise: "The Skin & Stubble Purifying Wash eliminates dirt and pollution from face, stubble and beard area. It leaves skin feeling instantly refreshed and energised and conditions and softens facial hair".

The Price: £6.35 150ml

The Stockist: Boots

The Application: The Skin & Stubble Purifying Wash has a creamy-gel consistancy that foams when worked into the skin with water. Because of its lathering effect, only a small amount of product is required per use. The Purifying Wash also has a refreshing scent, partially due to the inclusion of peppermint extract; an ingredient that also provides a nice cooling sensation to the skin. The facial wash also rinses away really easily - one swipe with a flannel and it is gone completely, without leaving a sticky or tight feeling on the skin.

The Results: When the Skin & Stubble Purifying Wash is rinsed off, skin is left feeling refreshed, soft and deeply cleansed. It does an amazing job at softening facial hair (which not only feels great but reduces irritation).


The Pro: The L'Oréal Men Expert Skin & Stubble Purifying Wash is the ultimate facial hair softener.

The Con: It isn't available in the US...yet!

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