Monday 5 October 2015

Grooming: ClarinsMen Revitalising Gel Review


The Promise: "This anti-wrinkle treatment for men is the perfect energy boosting treatment for slowing the first visible signs of ageing"

The Price: £32.00 / $39.50

The Stockist: / Macy's

The Application: The ClarinsMen Revitalising Gel has a thin lotion-like consistency that can be applied quickly and easily to the skin. The gel absorbs into the skin fast and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue behind. It also has a refreshing scent, making it the perfect morning pick-me-up!

The Results: The Revitalising Gel is cooling and refreshing on the skin. It also feels weightless, as if you have absolutely nothing on your face. It deeply hydrates the skin and, because of this, helps reduce the appearance of dehydration lines. It also keeps skin well moisturised throughout the day and improves skin texture over time.


The Pro: The Revitalising Gel provides instant hydration to the skin and keeps it moisturised throughout the day

The Con: It contains alcohol which can cause skin irritation

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