Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Prevent A Patchy Tan

He-Shi Gold Foaming Self Tan Mousse

Self-tan is a real godsend during the summer months, however there is nothing worse than rocking the patchy, streaky look. Luckily, there is one easy way to prevent this... exfoliating! Tanning products tend to stick to dryer areas of the skin, so exfoliating your entire body before applying self-tan will leave your skin soft, patch-free and glowing!

For real self-tan success, slather your entire body in moisturiser after you exfoliate. Make sure you pay particular attention to your elbows, knees, ankles, wrists and feet, as these areas are notoriously dry.

A great exfoliator is the Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Buffing Cleanser 150ml (£21.00 Selfridges / $24.00 Sephora) and I would recommend pairing this with the foolproof He-Shi Gold Foaming Self Tan Mousse 150ml (£24.70 feelunique.com). This marvelous moose provides an instant golden colour that helps you apply the product evenly. Its light mousse texture glides over the skin easily and absorbs very quickly - a must when self-tanning. It is also scent-free, contains natural DHA and can be used on the face, as well as the body.

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