Thursday 15 January 2015

Review: Wheat Belly Diet Week Two

Week two and the What Belly diet is still going strong! Unfortunately I didn't lose as much weight as I did in the first week, however this isn't really surprising. On saying that, I did lose three pounds which I'm very happy about.

I find the diet relatively easy. I haven't been craving wheat and, more importantly, haven't been craving naughty food. The Wheat Belly book indicated that this would be the case as, apparently, wheat is the main cause of late night cravings. This is obviously a huge benefit as, for me, the main struggle with any kind of diet is dealing with temptation or that constant feeling that you're 'missing out' on enjoyable foods.

When it comes to what I am eating, I am sticking to the same sorts of things as last week - meats, vegetables, salads, eggs and cheeses - as well as occasional fruits, yoghurt and potatoes. I did promise to make more exciting dishes (as opposed to just meat with vegetables) and I stuck to that promise. I make a low fat chilli con carne (which I served without rice), home made cheese and bacon potato skins and ginger and garlic pork loins.

Now I appreciate that I'm still only two weeks in, however I would strongly recommend this diet if you're looking to lose weight and generally feel better. It is surprisingly easy and hugely effective!

Look out for my week three update next week!

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