Monday 1 December 2014

Ask TBI: Can You Use Hair Oil If You Have Fine Hair?

Question: I have fine hair that is very dry. I have been advised to use a hair oil to help combat the dryness, however I am worried that using one will just make my hair greasy. Are there any good hair oils available for fine hair or should I just avoid hair oils altogether? - Angela, Manchester.

Answer: Like you, I have fine hair and was once very weary of using hair oils. However fine-haired girls like us can use hair oils, we just have to be careful about how  we use them.

When it come to applying hair oil post-wash, I would advise rubbing a pea-size amount of oil between your hands, running it through your ends and then drying your hair as normal.

However, my favourite way to use an oil is to leave it in overnight or use it as a pre-wash treatment. When doing either, I would advise applying oil from root to tip, however stick to using a pea-size amount of oil and keep the amount applied to the roots to a minimum. When using an oil as an overnight mask, wash the hair in the morning as you normally would. When using it as a pre-wash treatment, leave the oil in the hair for 15-20 minutes before shampooing.

As to which oil is best for fine hair, there are a variety of different oils you can use. I have been using the PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil 100ml (£22.50 / $40.00 Sephora) and have been getting great results. This botanical blend of eight beneficial oils helps to hydrate, revitalise and nourish the hair, as well as support hair strength and protect against sun damage. The oil is incredibly lightweight, so if I stick to using the correct amount, I never experience any greasiness. It just leaves my hair unbelievably soft, shiny and healthy.

PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil review
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