Sunday 24 August 2014

Weekly Worship: Avène, Amazing Concealer and Elizabeth Arden

Price: £6.50 / $12.00 150ml

Stockist: Boots /

The Avène Thermal Spring Water is a product I've loved for a long time, so it's about time I gave it a shout out. Some people say these sprays are just tap water in a can, but I disagree.

This Avène Thermal Spring Water calms and soothes the skin and provides a much-needed refreshment on hot days, long days and tiring days. It's special because it contains Avene's famous Thermale Spring Water, which is infused with trace elements and silicates - a perfectly balanced mineral composition ideal for sensitive skin. Over 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have proven the skin-healing and soothing benefits of this miracle water, so bulls**t it is not.

What I love most about this product is that it has a million different uses. One of which is to dampen makeup brushes in order to apply loose pigments, make shadow colours pop and transform eyeshadows into liners.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Price: £19.50 / $28.00 6ml

M&S /

This is the best concealer I have ever used.

I have the worst dark circles and struggle finding a concealer that covers them completely, without the need of a thousand layers. However everything changed when the Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics came into my life. It conceals perfectly, blends like a dream and it so pigmented that only the tiniest amount of product is required - so say goodbye to dark circles and the dreaded concealer crease!!

It is pretty costly however, as such a little amount is needed to cover the eye area and one application lasts all day, one tube should go the distance. I honestly couldn't imagine life without it!

AmazingConcealer Review

Price: £35.00 / $40.00 15ml

Stockist: John Lewis / Macy's

Elizabeth Arden's new eye gel is part of the Flawless Future Powered by Ceremide collection and it is everything. Ceremide - an innovative ingredient included in some of the best Elizabeth Arden products - provides the skin with a huge number of benefits (find out more here).

This Flawless Future Rejuvenating Eye Gel tightens, brightens and hydrates and leaves even the most tired of eyes looking refreshed and wide awake. It soothes the eyes the second it is applied and its ophthalmalic tip allows for solid control over how much product comes out. I have now been using this eye gel daily for the past three weeks and my fine lines are reduced and the whole eye area significantly more hydrated .

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel Review

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